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From "Greg Lucas" <>
Subject installing files as artifacts
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 19:07:54 GMT
[resending after subscribing, not sure initial send was successful]

I've got a build that needs to install/upload an XML file as an artifact.
I'm doing the following in my Rakefile:

# produce the XML file

# define an artifact and hook in to install/upload
xml_artifact = artifact(...).from('target/...')
install xml_artifact
upload xml_artifact

This works fine the first time, but any subsequent time a run the build
the artifact is never updated in my local m2 repo. It looks like install
only works if the artifact is not already there. That's not consistent
with the behavior using package.

I suppose I could define a new packaging type for this but that seems like
overkill. Is this the intended behavior of install? Is there a better way
to deal with artifacts that are not in fact packaged archives?

I'm using buildr 1.2.10 (as currently dictated by the Apache ODE 1.x


Greg Lucas

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