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From Liam Clarke-Hutchinson <>
Subject Problems with my first attempt at a Buildr build
Date Sat, 02 Jan 2010 11:13:24 GMT
Hi all,

Thought I'd finally give Buildr a shot for some of my fun coding
projects, and I've hit an issue I can't get around with one particular
non-Maven dependency. I have an example project, but I'm not sure
about uploading files to the mailing list, but I can do so if needed.

In the interim, my buildfile is here:

The sole Scala object in my project is here:

A builder --trace dump of the failure is here:

At line 124, there's a scalac parse error on the import of com.csvreader._

I double-checked the docs and the source, and even decompiled a class
from the jar Buildr downloads, and the package is definitely
com.csvreader, so the error is most likely mine. Thing I can't
understand is that I defined sqlitejdbc the same way, and that works
fine. (If I remove the com.csvreader import, the project builds

Any help gratefully appreciated,


Liam Clarke

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