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From Anders Janmyr <>
Subject File Task discrepancy between Rake and Buildr
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 20:10:32 GMT
Hi again,

I have a task and it works as expected in Rake, but it fails when I am
using buildr.

# This is the task defined in docs.rake
def asciidoc from, to
  system "asciidoc --unsafe --out-file=#{to} #{from}"

def wkpdf from, to
  system "wkpdf --source #{from} --output #{to} --format A4"

# Generates a task for generating html with asciidoc
# file_list:: A FileList
# options:: pdf => true, generate a pdf from the generated html
def asciidoc_task task_name, file_list, options={}
  file_list.each do |src|
    html = src.pathmap('%d/target/%n.html')
    pdf = src.pathmap('%d/target/%n.pdf')
    file html => src do
      asciidoc src, html
      puts src
      if options[:pdf]
        wkpdf html, pdf
    task task_name => html

This is how I use it:
asciidoc_task :doc, FileList['docs/*.txt']

when I run
rake doc
it works fine

But when I run
buildr doc
I get an error saying that the dependency is not satisfied.

Don't know how to build task 'docs/target/applications_and_nodes.html'

Can I not use the file task in this way with buildr?

Thankful for any help, it looks correct when I am debugging.



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