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From Anders Janmyr <>
Subject Patches and documentation
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2010 10:56:22 GMT

I started a fork of the project here

7877af8 Started on a quick reference document.

777a48c improved notification when generating files
I log when there is no package specification in the project instead of
just wring generating xxx.iml file.

1ae35ba upgraded dependencies in gemspec
2a2f9c6 added .idea to ignore

Is this a possible way to submit patches or should I package them up
and send them in via JIRA?

Also, in the process of working on the quick reference I came up with
some file loading questions.
How are the files read, and in what order? My take on it from
"quick_ref.textile" follows below.
I would be happy if you can help me clarify this.


------ quick_ref.textile (part of)

h2. Startup Files

The following files are read when Buildr is starting up.
|_<. Files    		|_<. Name 					| _<. Used For |
|Personal buildfile	|@$HOME/.buildr/buildr.rb@ 	|Personal tasks?|
|Common buildfile	|@buildr.rb@               	|Helper methods and variables|
|THE Buildfile		|@Buildfile@               	| The main projects and tasks|
|Task files			| @tasks/\*.task@			| Reusable tasks|

Setting can be specified in the following ways.
|_<.Type of setting |_<. File |_<. Accessor method |
|Personal  | @$HOME/.buildr/settings.yaml@ | @Buildr.settings.user@|
|Build  |@build.yaml@ ||
|Profile |@profiles.yaml@|@Buildr.settings.profile@|


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