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From Kevin Smith <>
Subject New buildr user questions
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 01:05:12 GMT
Greetings all,

First, let me say that I am generally happy with buildr. I'm a long-time
ruby user and XML hater, so having an alternative to ant/maven is great.
I have managed to get most of my build system working, but have several
problems/questions. If any of these are answered in the online docs,
wiki, jira, or mailing list archives, feel free to just point me in that

1. How to extract a file from an artifact?

I need to extract the license file out of some third-party jar
artifacts. I can't find any easy way to do that. The best I have come up
with is to create a zip task that includes the artifact. Then, turn
around and unzip the zip, then unzip the jar. Yuck.

2. How to copy artifact files?

This is closely related to #1. My script creates an ISO image. I would
like to simply copy some artifacts into the ISO directory, but don't see
any way to do it. My workaround is to create a zip containing the full
directory structure I want, and then unzipping it into the ISO image.
Seems like it should be easier.

3. How to specify a dependency for a package task?

Several times, I have wanted to specify that the package task for a
project should depend on some other task. In one case, I had a master
project and several related projects (which were not buildr subprojects
because I couldn't get those to work the way I wanted). I simply wanted
to create a 'package' target in the master project, which depends on the
package targets of the other projects. I can see how to do this for
'build', but not for 'package'.


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