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From Kevin Smith <>
Subject Re: New buildr user questions
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 05:18:12 GMT
Thanks again. Comments below.

On Tue, 2010-02-09 at 20:48 -0800, Antoine Toulme wrote:

>         It would be great if you could add something like this to the
>         user guide.
> Could you help us by opening a bug on this ? 

Yes, I will do that.

> You want to convert an artifact into a file ? It's more the other way
> around:
> Buildr::artifact("group:artifact:extension:version").from(_("target/")

No, I really do want to convert an artifact to a file, and not the other
way around. For example, I want to copy a third-party jar (artifact)
directly into an ISO image.

> The enhance method comes from rake. Everything in buildr is based on
> rake.

Yes, that is one of the frustrations of the buildr documentation. I have
used rake extensively in the past, but it was several years ago. It
would be great to have one document that covers buildr+rake. I know it
would be difficult. Hopefully you can at least continue to add examples
and other documentation to mention the useful parts of rake as they
apply in a buildr context.

With javadocs, at least when you are looking at a class, you get to see
all the methods that were inherited. rubydocs would be much nicer if
they could do that as well.

> That sounds like custom stuff. I would rather define a task with a
> different name for that. 

Ok. So let's say I want to create 'justjars' and 'fullrelease' tasks in
my master project. 

>         The final outcome of my project is a jar with an associated
>         sha1 file,
>         a .iso file, a .exe file, a zip file, another zip file, and a
>         few other
>         files. In my mind, running 'buildr build' shouldn't actually
>         create all
>         those final files. I would think I would run 'buildr package',
>         but that
>         doesn't seem to work.

> You could define an other subproject that would call those.
> That's what I would do, and it would depend on the other subprojects.
> The main project is not called because it contains "nothing", no
> source files in particular. 

Ah, got it. I actually had it before, but was looking in the wrong place
for the output. Something like this, which seems to work:

  task 'justjars' => [project('part1').package(:jar), 

And hopefully this (which I haven't been able to test yet):

  task 'fullrelease' => [project('iso').iso, project('exe').exe]

Assuming I create custom iso and exe tasks in the sub-projects. Does
that sound about right?


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