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From Jean-Philippe Caruana <>
Subject always running test for other project
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 14:25:18 GMT

I don't understand how buildr works - I thought i did though.
I have a project made of several subprojects with dependencies between 
each other.

/myProject (that's where my buildfile is)

so my build file looks like something like this :
define 'myProject' do

   compile.using :target=>'1.5', :other=>['-encoding', 'ISO8859_1'] 

   desc 'utils for easy testing in the project'
   define 'commons-test' do
     package :jar

   desc 'utils for the whole project'
   define 'commons-util' do
     test.with project('commons-test'), JUNIT_3, MOCKRUNNER, DB_UNIT
     package :jar

   desc 'i want to build it as fast as possible'
     define 'artifactToBuild' do
       compile.with project('commons-util'), 
       test.with project('commons-test'), JUNIT_3, DB_UNIT
       test.exclude 'Abstract*'
       package :jar

every time i launch "buildr package" in artifactToBuild or "buildr 
test", it launches all the tests in commons-test and commons-util even 
if nothing changed in this projects. These can be pretty long. How can I 
do to change this behaviour ?

(Buildr 1.3.5 )


-- Jean-Philippe Caruana
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