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From Peter Donald <>
Subject iidea extension
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 00:24:15 GMT

Recently I have been messing around with improving the iidea buildr
extension that Rhett Sutphin extracted from one of his projects. I
have been tinkering with the project and you can see the work in
progress at [1]. I just added a little bit of user documentation to
make it easier to use. The plan is to finish of a few more TODO items
[2], write some documentation, write some more tests and get it ready
to release in the next few weeks. I plan on playing around with it a
bit after the easter break and thought I would see if anyone had any
feature requests.

The easiest way to try it out is to do something like

$ gem install piston
$ mkdir vendor/buildr
$ piston install import git://

Then add a require to build file ala

require "vendor/buildr/buildr-iidea/lib/buildr_iidea.rb"

Then run "buildr iidea". You can customize the project files generated
by following the directions at [1].



Peter Donald

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