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From Duncan McGregor <>
Subject Buildr and Cucumber
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 17:25:47 GMT

I'm trying Buildr for a new project and very much liking what I find (usual ant / Maven refugee
status applies).

I'd like to run some Cucumber tests using Buildr under JRuby on MacOs. But when I

require 'cucumber'

in my buildfile, I get

Gem::LoadError : can't activate json_pure (~> 1.4.3, runtime) for ["cucumber-0.8.3"], already
activated json_pure-1.4.0 for ["buildr-1.4.0-java"]

I've used Cucumber under Rake and 'normal' Ruby without incident, but obviously without such
nice Java support. Can suggest how to persuade buildr to use a later version of json_pure?


Duncan McGregor

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