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From Karl Trygve Kalleberg <>
Subject Removing toplevel prefix from the generated IntelliJ IDEA .iml files
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 09:52:54 GMT
Hi gang,

I've been browsing the online docs, the API docs and also looked at
the IDEA buildr source code a bit, but if the answer was right there
in my face, I didn't see it...

I have a toplevel Buildfile in project foo, and a few subjects, say
bar and baz. Inside baz/, I do buildr idea, and the file foo-bar.iml
is generated. However, I want this file to be named bar.iml, i.e.
without the toplevel prefix "foo-".

In /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/buildr-1.4.0/lib/buildr/ide/idea.rb, I found the line

 task_name = project.path_to("#{':', '-')}.iml")

which leads me to think that my desires are (i) unreasonable or (ii)
reasonable, but not supported.

Is there a way to (temporarily) change the for just the
idea target?

-- Karl T

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