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From Chiaming Hsu <>
Subject Re: Intellij Plugin to provide clear view of buildfile
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2010 01:29:52 GMT
The buildfile is Ruby code.  Would you be able to make IntelliJ treat the 
buildfile as a Ruby source file?  I tell my gEdit that the buildfile is Ruby and 
it adds the syntax coloring nicely.  I had trouble doing that with NetBeans, 
though, since NetBeans insists that file type association must be done through 
"file extension" but my buildfile is just named buildfile without any file 

Chiaming Hsu

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From: Mark Petrovic <>
To: Buildr Users <>
Sent: Tue, September 7, 2010 6:07:28 PM
Subject: Intellij Plugin to provide clear view of buildfile

It would be nice to have an Intellij plugin that provides a nice, clean view of 
a buildfile, with collapse-able handles for each 'define <project>' node and 
whatever other eye candy one could come up with.  I have some experience writing 
plugins for NetBeans, and have reviewed a few plugin examples for IJ.

Does anyone have any experience with buildfile parsers, which I assume we'd need 
to write such a plugin?  The buildfile is not actually Ruby per-se, right?  

Mark Petrovic

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