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From Samuel Ecko <>
Subject Install Woes on Windows 7 64bit with RubyInstaller for Windows
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 15:09:00 GMT
Just wanted to report my installation issues with Buildr on my Windows
7 64bit machine and how I worked around them.

I am new to Buildr and Ruby, so I'm not sure if the problems are
specific to my computer and/or OS or not. I tried to follow the
install instructions from the Buildr website
( and downloaded
RubyInstaller for Windows 1.8.7 (and rolled back to 1.8.6 when I ran
into troubles).

To me it seems that Buildr 1.4.1 requires version 1.2.5 of rjb
(Ruby-Java-Bridge), but the standard gems repository does not have a
pre-compiled package for 1.2.5, only for the latest version 1.2.8. See This is why installing Buildr
with the platform --platform=mswin32 switch will trigger a compile of
rjb which subsequently fails without a C compiler being present on the

The RubyInstaller for Windows cannot compile Ruby gems by default, and
fails with a rather obscure message pointing in the wrong direction,
more precisely the check for jni.h in the JAVA_HOME / include
directory fails and a Ruby noob like me would assume a problem with
the Java install or some permission problem. Google did not really
help (quickly).

What did the trick for me was to install the 'DevKit' from the
RubyInstaller for W. website. Version 4.5.0 failed with a different
error message ('long long long is too long'), but with 3.4.5 I was
finally able to compile rjb 1.2.5 and install Buildr 1.4.1.

Other steps I took that might or might not have affected the outcome
of the install
- use 32bit JDK instead of 64bit
- set JAVA_HOME to 8.3 character file name, e.g. c:\progra~2\java\jdk1.6.0_21
- install Ruby into a directory path that does not contain spaces

Hope my email will help other Buildr/Ruby noobs and/or maybe help
solve the dependency problem (if there actually is one ;))

Samuel Ecko

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