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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Integration Tests + Unit Tests in the same project?
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 01:16:33 GMT

I am in the process of converting a bunch of builds based on
ant/maven/rake to buildr. One of the patterns that I can not see how
to directly translate into buildr is the single project with multiple
test types within it. i.e. A project has integration and unit tests
both written in java and both stored in test hierarchy. It also has
ruby based integration tests sitting side by side the java test code.
AFAICS buildr is not really set up for this scenario. It seems that
for each project there can only be one test invocation, one test
framework and can not run parts at both integration testing time and
unit testing time. Is this correct?

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?


Peter Donald

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