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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Buildr and Intellij
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:23:55 GMT
> If the buildfile changes with respect to added or removed dependencies, are the IJ project
files updated accordingly?

If you run "buildr iidea:generate" again then the extension will
update the dependencies. The operation is a merge and it will only
replace sections in the .iml file that have been specified in the
build file or represent the dependencies/source structure.

>>> So how are people working with Intellij, e.g., while using buildr for buildfiles?
 I normally let Intellij construct projects based on Maven pom files, from which it inherits
info on the project/subproject classpaths.  If I start with a Buildr buildfile, instead of
maven pom files, how to clue Intellij in as to what the project classpath is, especially as
it regards dependencies stated in the buildfile.
>> What you want to check is the buildr-iidea plugin at [1].
>> [1]


Peter Donald

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