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From John Shahid <>
Subject More than one version of the artifact on the classpath
Date Sat, 27 Nov 2010 22:56:54 GMT

Last week I was giving buildr a try for the first time. I think it's
hot. I know that dependency management is still work in progress, but I
noticed some weird behavior and couldn't find an open issue on JIRA.
Assuming we have the following setup (=> means depends on)

apache.buildr:B:jar:1.0 => apache.buildr:A:1.0
apache.buildr:C:jar:1.0 => apache.buildr:A:1.1, apache.buildr:B:1.0

Then in project 'C' buildr will load both A:1.0 and A:1.1. I believe
that maven and ivy will pick the latest version for a conflicting
artifact and neither will load more than one version of the same

Can someone tell me whether this is a bug or intentional behavior (and
why) ?



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