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From John Shahid <>
Subject Re: More than one version of the artifact on the classpath
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2010 00:34:51 GMT
Hi Alex,

> Other than the transitive() method which resolves maven2 artifact
> dependencies, there's no dependency management in the buildr core at the
> moment.

Is there anything in the trunk where I can start from ?

> If you need this feature today, I would suggest using the Ivy plugin.

I noticed this plugin last week but didn't find any examples on how to
use it with buildr, may be I should spend some time to try it out.

> Dependency management is slated for our next major version (1.5.0) and I'm
> hoping we'll have it done in Q1 2011.

I'm interested on working on this issue. IMHO, without dependency
management it is very unlikely that buildr will be used in production
code. Which is sad because I think buildr offers a lot of nice features
and the lack of dependency management is the only drawback I could find
so far and it is easy to fix.


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