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From Matei Zaharia <>
Subject Packaging buildr with a project
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2010 00:47:21 GMT
I've taken a quick look at Buildr and would like to use it in my Scala project, but I'd prefer
not to ask users to install it separately (i.e. install ruby and then gem install buildr).
Is it at all common to include Buildr and JRuby within a project so that users only need a
JVM on their system to build the project? This is one of the things I liked about SBT.

I'm asking this partly due to my own experience trying to install Buildr on OS X: the version
in rubygems didn't build because Java update 3 removed the include directory from JAVA_HOME,
installing the Java developer package mentioned on
didn't help, and even the script mentioned at the top of the page was out
of date (it downloads JRuby 1.1.6, but Buildr now requires JRuby 1.5). I eventually ended
up installing JRuby manually and then using its gem to install Buildr. I could certainly tell
users to do this, but since I just ended up downloading some Java code, I figured it might
be easier to just ship that code with my project like SBT does.

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