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From Michael Guymon <>
Subject Re: Creating an uberjar using Buildr
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2011 15:51:28 GMT

While the uberjar task works 'in theory' it ended up not being usable 
for the project I am working on. The classloader of Classworlds would 
bomb on reflection based injection used by Spring annotations. The app 
is also noticeably slower on startup using Classworlds as well. *sigh*

The package(:jar).merge sounds good, but wouldn't duplicates get 
overwritten? I have config xmls that are layered in various jars under 
the same name. The solution I ended up with was to use `buildr run` from 
a checkout of the app. Perhaps I'll tweak the app to avoid the name 
collision and try the package(:jar).merge.

I am half tempted to monkey around with Classworlds (perhaps Maven's 
shale?) directly to make it do what I want. Seems being able to make 
uberjars would be useful. Of coarse, I like java as stand alone services 
and avoid the monolithic app servers, so I am a bit bias.

On 04/14/2011 03:13 AM, Marc-André Laverdière wrote:
> I think that Alex's option is good enough for most cases, but I do see
> a point in integrating this. I think that Buildr will benefit a lot
> from having a richer feature set, as it would attract more people to
> it.
> Just my 2 paise :)
> On 4/14/11, Alex Boisvert<>  wrote:
>> Cool, thanks for sharing!
>> I usually do package(:jar).merge(some_other_jar) myself ... until it gets
>> intolerably slow.  Don't know why rubyzip is so CPU-consuming... anyway at
>> that point I end up forking to zip/jar and do the same externally.
>> alex
>> On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 2:08 PM, Michael Guymon
>> <>wrote:
>>> I spent hours fighting Classworld's uberjar to get it to work, figured I
>>> would share the fruit of my labor. There are no examples that I could find
>>> and the docs are outdated, so I hit it with a hammer until it worked. The
>>> task will package the project jar and it's dependencies, allowing the
>>> produced jar to be run by 'java -jar'. Here is the example task:
>>> It copies the project jars, creates the classworld conf, explodes the
>>> classwords-boot jar and wraps it up into project-ubjerjar-version.jar
>>> --Michael

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