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From Dan King <>
Subject Re: Possible to Test Groovy Code with RSpec/JRuby?
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2011 13:04:21 GMT
> You have to override the plugin's default version;  otherwise you're just

> adding yet-another-version of Groovy on the classpath  (a sure recipe for
> failure!).  Instead, add the following near the top  of your buildfile:
> Buildr::Groovy::Groovyc::REQUIRES.groovy.version =  '1.8.0'

Was this information available in buildr's documentation? I searched for a while 
yesterday and didn't find anything.

> Unfortunately, I wouldn't qualify the easyb  integration as easier to work
> with... if you get into trouble, I'd rather fix  the rspec integration
> (assuming that's your preferred option).

I'll keep that in mind and yes, RSpec is my preferred option.

Speaking of options, do you know how to pass options to RSpec? The "Languages" 
section of the documentation states that I can use the :format option, but it 
does not state how to. I assumed I had to use -- test.using :format => ['doc'] 
-- but that didn't work. 

Lastly, when I run -- buildr test -- the reports directory (under the project 
root directory) always contains an empty (0 bytes) file whereas the reports 
directory under target contains a yaml file that indicates which *_spec files 
passed/failed. From buildr's documentation I thought that the 
/project-root/reports directory would, by default, contain an html 
representation of the test results. Am I mistaken?

Thanks for all the clarifications; I appreciate it.


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