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Subject How to generate sources for/before compile?
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2011 11:35:43 GMT

I've been stuck for a while now with this problem, neither googling
nor stackoverflow nor my strained brain could solve this: I would like
to generate sources and have buildr compile them with some other hand
written sources. I would also be happy if I could have a sub-project
that just deals with the generated classes and use them in other
project. So basically:

- buildr should call a generator (either a java program, or a shell
script, or even an ant script, whatever works)
- buildr should compile the resulting classes
- buildr should add those sources to eclipse

I have found an old thread from 2009 with the same title, but none of
the solutions there work (I'm getting so many errors that I wouldn't
even know where to start, or nothing happens). I assume that buildr
evolved quite a bit since then.

I've been very happy with buildr so far, but unfortunately I don't
know ruby and rake yet and now I want to do something slightly
non-standard, so I'm aware that I may have chosen the wrong build
system for me. Still, I'd rather not go back to ant at this point.

I would be grateful if someone could give me an example of a working
buildfile that does sth like what I've described. I've got an open
question on stackoverflow, so if you need some karma, I'm happy to
provide. (see:
I just offered a bounty.)


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