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From Niklaus Giger <>
Subject Questions on howto build a new Buildr plugin
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2012 19:38:29 GMT

I am trying to create a Buildr plugin for creating IzPack installers.

I tried to follow the schema outlined at
and stumbled over the following problems:

a) I think instead of using braid it would make more sense to use git 
submodules, which would allow an easy upgrade path to an up-to-date Buildr 
version and would not pollute a new (probably quite small) plugin with all the 
buildr stuff.

Therefore I would propose to replace there the lines about using braid with 
somethink like this:
> git clone git://  buildr
> # If you want to switch to specific tag/branch use
> cd buildr && git checkout  --force 1.4.6 && cd ..
> git submodule add ~/git/buildr buildr
> Using git submodules is documented under:

b) With the actual rakelib it is not possible to call in a new plug-in "rake 
gem", as this would try to compile the Java-Library. The attach patch fixes 
this problem. If you want, I can also fork the github-git and send you a pull 

Best regards


Niklaus Giger

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