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From Odelya Holiday <>
Subject Run tasks only if all the tests from all the projects ran successfully
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 13:54:00 GMT

I have 3 projects which are defined in my buildfile.

I would like to define, that if all the tests passed successfully, it
should do specific tasks. (copying files).

So I declared in the main project definition:

 test.using :fail_on_failure=>true

and extended the test task like this:

test do |test_task|

however, I see that if 2 of the 3 tests succeeded, the extended task
is being created.

I would like it to be create only if all 3 succeeded.

If I move the test do |test_task| to be under one of the inner
projects definitions it works only if his tests succeeded.

How can I run code only if all the tests succeeded?


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