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From Adam George <>
Subject Re: Correct Use of the 'tap' Method
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 17:05:14 GMT
Alex Boisvert <alex.boisvert@...> writes:

> Actually, the behavior of task ... do is to enhance the task.
> For instance, if you have a Rakefile or Buildfile with,
> task :foo do
>   puts 'foo1'
> end
> task :foo do
>   puts 'foo2'
> end
> and run rake foo, you'd get:
> foo1
> foo2

Thanks, Alex.

This corresponds with my original understanding, which is why I was confused
in the first place.

If "task :foo do ..." enhances the "foo" task successfully, then why does
"task :compile do ..." seemingly not run in addition to the original
"compile" task?

Maybe the problem is to do with my expectations of enhancement.  The
impression I have is that it's basically like overriding a method from a
super class but also calling super.method(args) as part of the overridden
method to extend the functionality rather than redefine it.  Please correct
me if I'm wrong about this.

Thanks again,


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