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From Ander Juaristi <>
Subject Buildr terminates after RJB invocation
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2015 07:44:27 GMT

I've got a legacy ant script called deploy.xml, and I'm running it through a Buildr buildfile,
like this:['-buildfile', 'deploy.xml'])

So far it runs OK, but there are a bunch of Ruby lines after it that don't get executed. The
whole Buildr process seems to terminate after the Ant invocation completes.

I've tried using a separate thread, but nothing changes:
     t = {['-buildfile', 'deploy.xml'])

Finally, I've gone through AntWrap (, but looking at the documentation,
it does not seem to be able to run legacy Ant scripts. At least, in a straightforward way.


- AJ

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