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From Antoine Toulme <>
Subject New buildr development build pushed
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2016 05:40:51 GMT
Hi all,

I have pushed buildr-1.5.0.dev3 out. You can install it with `gem install buildr —pre`

We have accumulated a long set of changes (see below). Please, if you use Buildr, take this
build for a spin and let us know how we’re doing. We are grateful for any feedback.

I plan to leave this build available for a couple of weeks at least.

Thank you!


* Change: Update RJB to 1.5.4
* Change: Update rubyzip to 1.2.0
* Change: Update hoe to 3.15.0
* Change: Update net-ssh to 3.1.1
* Change: Update json_pure to 1.8.3
* Change: Update diff-lcs to 1.2.5
* Change: Update xml-simple to 1.1.5
* Change: Update jekyll to 3.1.3
* Change: Update rdoc to 4.2.2
* Change: Update ecj to 4.5.1
* Change: Added jekyll-textile-converter 0.1.0 to generate the site.
* Change: Move to default on Scala 2.11.
* Change: Remove Buildr::Project#on_define, deprecated in 1.3
* Change: Remove JavaWrapper, deprecated in 1.3
* Change: Remove JUnit::REQUIRES, deprecated in 1.3.3
* Change: Remove TestNG::REQUIRES, deprecated in 1.3.3
* Change: Remove Buildr::Ant::REQUIRES, deprecated in version 1.3.3
* Change: Remove Buildr::CompileTask#classpath, deprecated in version 1.3
* Change: Remove Buildr::TestTask responding to :using with .using('foo','bar'), deprecated
in version 1.3
* Change: Remove addon/buildr/cobertura.rb, deprecated since 1.3.4
* Change: Remove addon/buildr/emma.rb, deprecated since 1.3.4
* Change: Remove support for Rakefile/rakefile, deprecated.
* Change: Remove project#target, project#reports, deprecated.
* Change: Remove JBehave::REQUIRES, deprecated.
* Change: Remove JMock::REQUIRES, deprecated.
* Change: Remove ScalaCheck::REQUIRES, deprecated.
* Change: Change Eclipse Scala project natures from ch.epfl.lamp.sdt.core.scalanature to org.scala-ide.sdt.core.scalanature
* Added:  Travis badge to README.rdoc
* Added:  Added Rubygems badges to README.rdoc
* Added:  BUILDR-577 Allow remote repo to be added with http basic auth support. Submitted
by Michael Guymon.
* Added:  BUILDR-523 Issue a warning when Java.classpath is modified after Java.load has happened
* Added:  BUILDR-594 Added support for changing the verification mode of SSL certificates
* Added:  BUILDR-595 Added support to providing custom SSL certificates
* Added:  BUILDR-572 Allow to upload unique version (timestamp based) snapshot artifacts to
a repository. Submitted by Brice Figureau.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-207 remove 'Skipping tests' messages
* Added:  BUILDR-703 release: allow THIS_VERSION to be defined in another file
* Fixed:  BUILDR-674 Artifacts with bundle extension cannot be downloaded by Buildr
* Fixed:  BUILDR-565 resources are not included in the war if defined after package call
* Fixed:  BUILDR-621 ZipTask creates zip file with entries not sorted by path causing very
slow unzipping.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-695 transitive doesn't support ${project.parent.version} in POM.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-653 Using Eclipse compiler (ECJ)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-476 Buildr doesn't respect company repository manager
* Fixed:  BUILDR-454 Definition-level parent-child references-by-name fail in 1.4.0 but not
in 1.3.5. Submitted by Rhett Sutphin.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-620 resources.filter should not run on non-text files
* Fixed:  BUILDR-489 Java + Scala joint compiler fails if default encoding and source file
encoding are not same and special characters have been used in source code
* Fixed:  BUILDR-486 Buildr-generated poms should include dependencies
* Change: Update the custom_pom addon to generate poms with exclusions section that excludes
          all transitive dependencies. This is required as buildr dependencies are not
          transitive while Maven's dependencies are transitive by default.
* Change: Remove the BND aqute maven repository, as it was decomissioned. Use Maven Central

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