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From Antoine Toulme <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Buildr 1.5.1 released
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2017 01:07:23 GMT
Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support
for Scala, Groovy and a growing number of JVM languages and tools.  We wanted
something that's simple and intuitive to use, so we only need to tell it what
to do, and it takes care of the rest.  But also something we can easily extend
for those one-off tasks, with a language that's a joy to use.

New in this release:

  * Change: In the 'buildr/git_auto_version' addon strip out any versions that start with
a 'v' character as
            most projects on git repositories prefix version tags with a "v" to avoid collisions
with any branchs
            named after the version which are typically without the "v" character.
  * Fixed:  GWT Addon: The GWT project publishes invalid jars that can not be included on
source path when
            the javadoc tool is executing. Work around this issue in GWT by removing them
from the documentation
            class path.
  * Change: IDEA: Change the ordering of dependencies in the IDE module descriptor such that
test dependencies are
            first to allow test dependencies to override/shadow compile dependencies.
  * Fixed:  IDEA: Correctly configure the IDE module if the language level differs from the
root project language level.
  * Change: Add css2gss task to gwt addon to support conveting from deprecated css syntax
to modern gss syntax.
  * Change: Add support for gwt 2.8.0 to gwt addon.
  * Change: Remove orderedhash gem.
  * Change: Update jruby-openssl to 0.9.17
  * Change: Move hoe to the development dependencies
  * Fixed:  BUILDR-728 Snapshots metadata incorrectly created
  * Fixed:  BUILDR-718 Deprecate SVN repository - remove links to SVN
  * Change: BUILDR-724 Use scalamain to call scala projects
  * Change: BUILDR-719 Change User-Agent when uploading artifacts
  * Change: Set the OPEN_IN_BROWSER to false when building idea launch targets via add_glassfish_remote_configuration.
  * Change: BUILDR-709 Integrate `buildr/custom_pom` into core and just make it the default
pom generated.
  * Fixed:  BUILDR-563 protobuf addon including source directories to protoc breaks build

To learn more about Buildr and get started:

The Apache Buildr Team
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