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From Roman Stumm <>
Subject Re: Website status - url to picture
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 07:56:20 GMT
Hi all,

seems that attachments are not forwared to the mailing list. Here is a 
link to the picture to illustrate my suggestion to create a logo:


Am 13.03.12 08:46, schrieb Roman Stumm:
> Hi Matt,
> thanks for the new website.
> Agimatec GmbH does not exist anymore for more than a year. Could you 
> change the company under "" for 
> Roman Stumm to Viaboxx GmbH instead?
> About the logo. I think there is no way to modify the former logo, so 
> that it doesn't look like ***. Instead, how about green (=validated) 
> beans as the logo or as part of the logo? I am not a graphics 
> designer, so attached is just a picture to illustrate my basic idea to 
> create logo. Maybe someone get inspiration from it... (The V could 
> also be part of the word BVal ...)
> Roman
> Am 12.03.12 22:49, schrieb Matt Benson:
>> Hi all,
>>    The website is up at, on svnpubsub and the
>> Apache CMS (natural successor to Confluence-built sites).  The site is
>> mostly verbatim from the previous Confluence site, and there is still
>> some outstanding housekeeping to do from our old Confluence space to
>> our new (since most of the old space was just dedicated to running the
>> website, it's an open question precisely what we want to live in
>> Confluence, particularly as editing CMS content is of a similar level
>> of complexity/involvement to working in Confluence.
>> An outstanding issue, should anyone feel up to tackling it, is making
>> the cross-domain REST call to to get our blog entries
>> onto the BVal index page.  The code is present but my limited JS-fu
>> has not yet found a palatable way to make the call.  Confluence's REST
>> API doesn't seem to handle json-p, and while js guru Werner Punz has
>> suggested using an iframe I've been too lazy/stubborn yet to attempt
>> it.
>> Finally, can we *please* come to some sort of agreement on a direction
>> for a new logo?  ;)
>> Matt

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