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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Website status
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 21:49:07 GMT
Hi all,
  The website is up at, on svnpubsub and the
Apache CMS (natural successor to Confluence-built sites).  The site is
mostly verbatim from the previous Confluence site, and there is still
some outstanding housekeeping to do from our old Confluence space to
our new (since most of the old space was just dedicated to running the
website, it's an open question precisely what we want to live in
Confluence, particularly as editing CMS content is of a similar level
of complexity/involvement to working in Confluence.

An outstanding issue, should anyone feel up to tackling it, is making
the cross-domain REST call to to get our blog entries
onto the BVal index page.  The code is present but my limited JS-fu
has not yet found a palatable way to make the call.  Confluence's REST
API doesn't seem to handle json-p, and while js guru Werner Punz has
suggested using an iframe I've been too lazy/stubborn yet to attempt

Finally, can we *please* come to some sort of agreement on a direction
for a new logo?  ;)


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