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From Rajat Venkatesh <>
Subject Re: Difference between Bindable and Enumerable
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2015 12:48:19 GMT
I am working on a project which is a very simple version of a cube
engine.  I dont want to execute the SQL - we have our own execution
frameworks. A clear separation between planner and executor will be helpful
in the public APIs. In the first round of reading calcite internals the
separation is not clear to me. I am not yet familiar with the code and may
very well be making bad decisions.

A high level overview of my project (to give you a data point and quick
design review) is:
The project has to:

1. Detect certain patterns in a SQL query - tables it accesses, lookups,
selective filters etc.
2. Rewrite the query if required.

I think I've finally got 1) to work. My entry point is Schemas.convert(). I
get a RelNode which I can visit and detect patterns.
I havent yet tackled 2. Hopefully will get to it in a week or two.

On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Vladimir Sitnikov <> wrote:

> Milinda> Samza's streaming query planning phase
> Can you clarify a bit?
> If I understand right, you aim to "wire Samza's operators in an
> optimized way and execute it as usual Samza's chain", don't you?
> In that case, it looks like you need planner only.
> In case you want to stream Samza's results through java.sql.ResultSet,
> then Enumerable/Bindable question makes sense.
> Milinda> Does this convention effect the query planning decisions other
> than
> transformations like LogicalTableScan to BindableTableScan
> It does not.
> Juilan> if people want to execute queries using just core
> Anybody out there wanting to execute queries using just core?
> Can we have some requirements before we implement one more executor?
> In 584 the discussion is regarding "being able to use Calcite core as
> planner only".
> Juilan> It will also make core smaller and simpler.
> It won't be simpler. Support of interpreter would take time.
> Let's better have separation of modules like "planner" and "executor".
> At least it would be a proof of ability to plug executor without
> changing "hard-coded rules in the planner".
> Juilan> Most people find it easier to implement a bindable convention
> Please, do not mix API vs convention.
> It does not require a new convention to process Scannable.
> Vladimir

Rajat Venkatesh | Engg Lead
Qubole Inc |

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