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From 查 锐 <>
Subject Question about querying Mongodb array fields
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2015 10:28:09 GMT
Hi Julian,

I am a programmer in China, and please forgive my poor English ...

I found I cannot finish the query against Mongodb through Calcite …

I use the mongo-zips-model.json you provided in Calcite github HOWTO as my Calcite model,
and I found that if I query the longitude or latitude field I would got null.

I also knew that if I execute a query such as 'select * from “mongo”.”ZIPS” limit
10’, then the view sql defined in mongo-zips-model.json would be parsed by Calcite mongoldb
adapter and it would generate a aggregate string like '{$project: {city: 1, longitude: '$loc[0]',
latitude: '$loc[1]', pop: 1, state: 1, id: '$_id'}}’ , but I found I even cannot get the
longitude or latitude in mongo shell with this aggregate string.

Please hep me, my lord !

Thank you!

Best Regards

Ray Zha
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