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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Apache-hosted CI (was Re: Build error in master branch)
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2016 00:30:52 GMT

Julian Hyde wrote:
> A*contributor*  doesn’t need to run checkstyle every build. But a*committer*  has a
special role in Apache as a gatekeeper. I think a committer should run checkstyle before every
commit to master. I don’t think it is an undue burden to ask a committer to run checkstyle
and javadoc on JDK1.8.  Those things tend to break fairly often, and it’s a pain to make
small fixes and bad practice to force-push.

At risk of de-railing things: this gets even scarier when you start 
thinking about release-audit-tool (RAT) checks, and even changes that 
affect us in how we apply the ASL to Calcite as well as ASF guidelines 
per their by-laws (e.g. do you need to update LICENSE? do you need to 
update NOTICE? What about updating L&N in the JARs we build?)

Some days, I think code is the easiest part and can even breath a sigh 
of relief when I have some repeatable system I can rely on to run a 
contribution through a battery of checks.

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