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From Josh Elser <>
Subject [RESULT] [VOTE] apache-calcite-avatica-1.7.0 (release candidate 0)
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2016 02:00:36 GMT
This VOTE fails with two -1's and nothing else.

Josh Elser wrote:
> Awesome. Thanks for the great list. Included them all as sub-tasks in
> CALCITE-1077 to make sure I don't miss any.
> Julian Hyde wrote:
>> Problems:
>> * Wrong version.minor property as previously mentioned.
> CALCITE-1141
>> * KEYS: not present in src.tar.gz (not sure whether this is absolutely
>> required but it is customary). I saw that you added your key to
>>; that's good. Also, check the
>> KEYS file into git.
> AFAIK, it's not necessary to include KEYS in the source-tarball, but
> it's easy enough to do so to make signature verification a little
> easier. CALCITE-1139
>> * NOTICE: The last paragraph can be removed.
> Ah, I meant to ask. CALCITE-1143
>> * LICENSE: You removed some sections of Calcite's LICENSE relating to
>> the jekyll-generated files and fonts in the site that need to be
>> present in Avatica's LICENSE because Avatica has similar files. Change
> I thought I preserved the sass/jekyll lines. Can you point me at what I
> removed? The last ~50 lines of both /LICENSE and /avatica/LICENSE seem
> to be identical. CALCITE-1144
>> * We need at least a minimal README or in the root directory.
> ACK'ed CALCITE-1142
>> * Several binary files in site/.sass-cache. I don't think they should
>> be in git or the release.
> Ok. Dirty workspace. Will dblcheck for that.
>> * Release notes in are not complete. We recently decided in
>> Calcite that the release notes should state which JDK and Guava
>> versions the software has been tested against, and I think Avatica
>> should do the same.
> ACK'ed CALCITE-1140
>> Other remarks (not show-stoppers):
>> * It doesn't pertain to this Avatica release, but can you please
>> remove the Protocol Buffers section from Calcite's LICENSE file, since
>> the next release of Calcite will no longer ship protobuf code.
> Easy fix, CALCITE-1145
>> * "mvn site" fails if you have not previously run "mvn install".
> Going to punt on this one for now since you said it's not a show-stopper
> for you.
>> * Apostrophe in news article: "from it's previous location"
> Will grab in CALCITE-1140

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