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From Jesus Camacho Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: Towards Calcite release 1.12
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2017 10:51:10 GMT
Out of that list, these three are assigned to me, I will have them
ready for this release.
* New CASE
statement simplification

* Update website
documentation to verify a release

* Change
SubstitutionVisitor to use generic RelBuilder instead of Logical
instances of the operators

In addition, I would like to include:
* Add In filter
to druid adapter.
* Recognize
aggregation function types as FRACTIONAL instead of DOUBLE


On 2/24/17, 6:10 PM, "Julian Hyde" <> wrote:

>When should we be targeting to release Calcite version 1.12?
>Last release (1.11) was 9th January. Since 1.11 we’ve had 69 commits,
>and 66 bug fixes (not counting Avatica work).
>What bug fixes/features would people like to contribute to the
>release? What are your time
>Here's my list of cases: 1494, 1566, HIVE-15708. Also 1413, 1421, 1456
>if we have time. I have logged 1657 to track the release.
>Would someone like to be release manager?
>* New CASE
>statement simplification
>* Update website
>documentation to verify a release
>* Change
>SubstitutionVisitor to use generic RelBuilder instead of Logical
>instances of the operators
>* Inefficient plan
>for correlated sub-queries
>* Better
>documentation on the use of materialized views
>* Release Calcite 1.12.0
>* Upgrade calcite
>version to 1.12

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