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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Branding Avatica
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2017 14:40:40 GMT
Actually, my understanding is that "Apache Avatica" is OK/preferred. 
I've similarly struggled on what name to use; it's probably a good time 
to just bite the bullet and get some consensus :)

For those with the ability to read trademarks@, there is [1]

For those without, the gist of it can be understood from [2]. In our 
case "Avatica" is a product name and that document should be read with 
"product name" being interchangeable with "project name". In other 
words: "Apache Avatica" is the proper name (even though no such TLP exists).

I think the full "disclaimer" (Apache Avatica is governed by the Apache 
Calcite PMC etc, etc) would be good to display prominently on 
calcite.a.o/avatica. Perhaps I can push something together today :)


Julian Hyde wrote:
> (This is a discussion for the Calcite PMC, but I am using the dev list because there
is no need for the conversation to be private.)
> Avatica is currently just a library produced by the Apache Calcite project, not even
formally a sub-project (some examples of sub-projects are Derby within Apache DB, and Solr
within Lucene, but sub-projects are now discouraged).
> So, I’m not sure whether it is appropriate to brand it “Apache Avatica” as I just
saw on one site[1].
> A reminder that it is our responsibility, as a PMC, to protect Apache's intellectual
property by enforcing brands. We need to know what our brands are, then we need to reach out
to people who are referencing our brands and make sure that they use them appropriately.
> I am inclined to think that we should use “Avatica, a sub-project of Apache Calcite”.
Or should we start pushing for “Apache Avatica”?
> Julian
> [1]<>

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