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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: More Jenkins tweaking
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2017 19:42:17 GMT
I'm going to go ahead and disable the old jobs since no one has 
complained :). I realized that I misconfigured the email notification on 
the new jobs (fixed that now).

Josh Elser wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've continued my Jenkins kick and have been tweaking what we have for
> Calcite and Avatica.
> I've consolidated the separate JDK-specific builds for both projects
> into one "matrix" job. A matrix job is special in that, for a change to
> the repository (per our polling time of 1hour), it will launch sub-jobs
> for each configured "axis". In our case, each axis is a JDK version (7,
> 8 and 9-beta). After this matrix job successfully completes (all JDK
> versions build successfully and pass their unit tests), it launches a
> "promotion job". The promotion job receives the git commit ID from the
> matrix job and then `mvn deploy`'s the SNAPSHOT to the ASF nexus.
> This gets us a few things:
> * Fewer jobs to manage (easy to add a new JDK version, remove an old one)
> * Fresh SNAPSHOT builds for Avatica and Calcite (ease of downstream
> development)
> * Only commits that pass our unit tests are deployed (confidence in
> artifacts sent to Nexus)
> A good entrypoint to observe this all is at
> I have not yet disable/removed the old Calcite jobs. I'll wait for at
> least one ACK that people are OK with me doing this for Calcite (I've
> already gone ahead with Avatica as its been stable for a week or so).
> - Josh

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