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From Jesus Camacho Rodriguez <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Draft board report
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2017 14:16:22 GMT
Calcite community,

I attach the draft of the report I propose to file for the 4/19 Apache
board meeting.

Please, let me know if you have any feedback.

@Josh, please let me know if you want to include anything about the
Avatica branding to be discussed by the board.



Attachment N: Report from the Apache Calcite Project  [Jesús Camacho Rodríguez]

## Description:

Apache Calcite is a highly customizable framework for parsing and
planning queries on data in a wide variety of formats. It allows
database-like access, and in particular a SQL interface and advanced
query optimization, for data not residing in a traditional database.

Avatica is a sub-module within Calcite, and provides a framework
for building local and remote JDBC and ODBC database drivers. Avatica
has an independent release schedule, and since April 2017, it has its
own independent repository.
## Issues:

- There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.
## Activity:

Development and mailing list activity is steady for both Calcite and
its Avatica sub-project.

Since the last board meeting, there has been one Calcite release.
Calcite 1.12.0 came over two months after 1.11.0 and included 95
issues solved by 29 different contributors! In addition to general
bug fixes and improvements in the Calcite core, major highlights in
the release include support for JDK 9 and Guava 21.0, two new
adapters to allow Calcite to read data from other systems (a file
adapter and an Apache Pig adapter), and extensions and improvements
in the supported SQL syntax and functions.

Our community continued growing this quarter: a new PMC member
(Michael Mior) and three new committers (Gian Merlino, Jess
Balint, and Laurent Goujon) were added to the project.

We also reached another milestone this quarter with the creation of
an Avatica dedicated repository. Avatica has been slowly growing
inside of Calcite for many years, and led by PMC member Josh Elser,
the community took the next step to hoist the Avatica code out of the
Calcite repository into its own. The community felt like this was the
next logical step given the maturity of the project.

Finally, there was an important presence of the Apache Calcite
project in multiple talks at events around the world, such as Apex
Big Data World 2017 (Mountain View, CA) or DataWorks EU 2017 (Munich,
## Health report:

Activity levels on mailing lists, git and JIRA are normal for both
Calcite and Avatica.
## PMC changes:
- Currently 16 PMC members.
- Michael Mior was added to the PMC on Tue Apr 04 2017
## Committer base changes:
- Currently 22 committers.
- New commmitters:
    - Gian Merlino was added as a committer on Sat Feb 18 2017
    - Jess Balint was added as a committer on Wed Feb 15 2017
    - Laurent Goujon was added as a committer on Wed Feb 15 2017
## Releases:
- 1.12.0 was released on Fri Mar 24 2017
## JIRA activity:
- 178 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months
- 132 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months

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