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From Abbas Gadhia <>
Subject Re: Volcano Planner - Tree unimplementable
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2018 08:20:45 GMT
Hi Masayuki,
Your suggestions helped quite a bit.

The mistake i was making was trying to create a tree without ANY enumerable or bindable traits,
since after the optimization phase, i really dont need to "execute" anything. I just wished
to print the optimal/re-shuffled tree in a special readable way. 

Your "catch all" converter (CassandraToEnumerableConverter) was part of the solution i.e (rel#7:Subset#1)

I also was making the mistake of not setting the root of the tree to a top level EnumerableConvention/BindableConvention.
This led to the other problem i.e (rel#4:Subset#1.NONE.[]) with best=null. I fixed this with
the following

RelNode project =
RelNode root = cluster.planner.changeTraits(project, project.traitSet.replace(EnumerableConvention.INSTANCE).simplify())

Thanks for all your help!


On Saturday, 17 March 2018 11:37 PM, Masayuki Takahashi <> wrote:

I mistook a sentence.

wrong: This rel was selected at Set#1 because this one is ENUMERABLE
and "best=null".
correct: This rel was selected at Set#1 because this one is ENUMERABLE.

"best=null" is the cause of the error.


Masayuki Takahashi

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