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From Julian Hyde <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Towards Calcite 1.20.0
Date Tue, 21 May 2019 23:04:58 GMT
I agree with Michael’s timeline “a week or two”. How about code freeze on Friday 31st
May, 10 days from now, and RC0 on Mon 3rd June?

I have fixes for the following:

* [CALCITE-3050] Integrate SqlDialect and SqlParser.Config
* [CALCITE-3022] Babel: Various SQL parsing issues
* [CALCITE-3047] In JDBC adapter, expose multiple schemas of the back-end database
* [CALCITE-3048] Improve how JDBC adapter deduces current schema on Redshift

and I will commit them before the release. I will also help

* [CALCITE-2969] Improve design of join-like relational expressions queries

over the finishing line.


> On May 20, 2019, at 6:06 AM, Michael Mior <> wrote:
> Just revisiting this now that the Avatica has been fixed. I have the
> following list of pending JIRAs:
> [CALCITE-1581] UDTF like in hive
> [CALCITE-2812] Add algebraic operators to allow expressing recursive
> [CALCITE-2952] Certify Calcite on JDK 12
> [CALCITE-2969] Improve design of join-like relational expressions queries
> [CALCITE-2973] Allow theta joins that have equi conditions to be
> executed using a hash join algorithm
> [CALCITE-2992] Enhance implicit conversions when generating hash join
> keys for an equi condition
> [CALCITE-3036] Remove correlate variables from Join
> [CALCITE-3037] Rename EnumerableThetaJoin to EnumerableNestedLoopJoin
> I think we should cut a release soon to keep momentum going. I'd like
> to hear from those working on any of the JIRAs to see which ones could
> be wrapped up in the next week or two.
> --
> Michael Mior
> Le mar. 30 avr. 2019 à 11:15, Michael Mior <> a écrit :
>> Calcite 1.19.0 was released approximately one month ago. This was
>> later than we originally planned (although I think with good reason
>> and I'm happy with what made it into this release). I don't think
>> there's an imminent need for a new release, but I wanted to start the
>> discussion now that Avatica has had it's latest release.
>> There's a few big things in progress below that I thought I'd see if
>> we want to try to include in the next release. Apologies if I missed
>> any.
>> CALCITE-1581 UDTF like in hive
>> CALCITE-2952 Certify Calcite on JDK 12
>> CALCITE-3036 Remove correlate variables from Join
>> CALCITE-3037 Rename EnumerableThetaJoin to EnumerableNestedLoopJoin
>> --
>> Michael Mior

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