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From Yuzhao Chen <>
Subject Re: Difficulties with implementing a table for a custom convention
Date Sun, 05 May 2019 02:13:33 GMT
You can set up the target traits to include the convention you want when invoke the Program#run
method [1], with the converters as rules of the program.


Danny Chan
在 2019年5月4日 +0800 PM6:48,Muhammad Gelbana <>,写道:
> I implemented a new convention but I'm facing difficulties with
> implementing tables for that convention.
> Since I need to apply my convention rules and converters, I assume I must
> implement TranslatableTable so I can override the RelNode produced by the
> toRel method and provide the rules I need through the
> RelNode.register(RelOptPlanner planner) call back (Is there another way ?)
> At the same time, I need for my table's RelNode to implement my
> convention's interface.
> After implementing TranslatableTable and my convention's interface, I
> discovered that my table's RelNode have to either implement an interpreter
> node or the InterpretableRel interface. But this led to what seems to me as
> that my table scan is executed twice.
> I tried many things, such as having my table extend TableScan,
> AbstractEnumerable2 QueryableTable and other interfaces/class that either
> didn't give me what I want or failed with strange exceptions.
> What I need is to implement my table scan following the same convention I'm
> writing. So what is the correct way to do this ?
> The MongoDB adapter way is to implement the TranslatableTable and the
> QueryableTable interfaces, but that's confusing me. I mean, it's already
> implementing its own new convention interface, why would it need to
> implement another one to implement its table scans ? I thought while
> executing the final plan, the first calcite identified node (enumerable or
> bindable, enumerable as in MongoDB adapter's example), the interpreter
> would execute that node, which will internally execute all its input nodes
> including the table scan, correct ?
> Thanks,
> Gelbana

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