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From Michael Mior <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Towards Calcite 1.20.0
Date Mon, 20 May 2019 13:06:17 GMT
Just revisiting this now that the Avatica has been fixed. I have the
following list of pending JIRAs:

[CALCITE-1581] UDTF like in hive
[CALCITE-2812] Add algebraic operators to allow expressing recursive
[CALCITE-2952] Certify Calcite on JDK 12
[CALCITE-2969] Improve design of join-like relational expressions queries
[CALCITE-2973] Allow theta joins that have equi conditions to be
executed using a hash join algorithm
[CALCITE-2992] Enhance implicit conversions when generating hash join
keys for an equi condition
[CALCITE-3036] Remove correlate variables from Join
[CALCITE-3037] Rename EnumerableThetaJoin to EnumerableNestedLoopJoin

I think we should cut a release soon to keep momentum going. I'd like
to hear from those working on any of the JIRAs to see which ones could
be wrapped up in the next week or two.
Michael Mior

Le mar. 30 avr. 2019 à 11:15, Michael Mior <> a écrit :
> Calcite 1.19.0 was released approximately one month ago. This was
> later than we originally planned (although I think with good reason
> and I'm happy with what made it into this release). I don't think
> there's an imminent need for a new release, but I wanted to start the
> discussion now that Avatica has had it's latest release.
> There's a few big things in progress below that I thought I'd see if
> we want to try to include in the next release. Apologies if I missed
> any.
> CALCITE-1581 UDTF like in hive
> CALCITE-2952 Certify Calcite on JDK 12
> CALCITE-3036 Remove correlate variables from Join
> CALCITE-3037 Rename EnumerableThetaJoin to EnumerableNestedLoopJoin
> --
> Michael Mior

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