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From Muhammad Gelbana <>
Subject Pluggable JDBC types
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2019 13:42:44 GMT
I'm trying to support the PostgreSQL TEXT type[1]. It's basically a VARCHAR.

As Julian mentioned in his comment on Jira, I don't need to define a
keyword to achieve what I need so I tried exploring that and here is what I
observed so far:

1. If I define a new keyword in the parser, I face no trouble whatsoever
except for the numerous wiring I need to do for RexToLixTranslator,
JavaTypeFactoryImpl, SqlTypeAssignmentRules and SqlTypeName. I won't be
suprised if I'm missing anything but doing what I did at first managed to
get my queries through.

2. If I define the type by plugging it in through the root schema, I face
two problems: a) The field cannot be declared as nullable because the query
I'm using for testing gets data from (VALUES()) which doesn't produce null
values, so an exception is thrown. b) The returned column type name is
VARCHAR (although I delcared the new plugged type name to be TEXT), the
returned type number is valid though (Types.VARCHAR = 12)

I think I'm doing something wrong that causes (2.a) but (2.b) seems a like
a bug to me. What do you think ?



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