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From Haisheng Yuan <>
Subject Re: Calcite in research - The ReProVide Query-Sequence Optimization in a Hardware-Accelerated DBMS
Date Sun, 10 May 2020 03:10:38 GMT
Glad to hear that.
More paper are on the way.


On 2020/05/10 02:54:00, Julian Hyde <> wrote: 
> Calcite is being used in a research project that accelerates queries using FPGAs (The
ReProVide Query-Sequence Optimization in a Hardware-Accelerated DBMS, by Lekshmi B. G., Andreas
Becher, Klaus Meyer-Wegener, <>.)
> "Hardware acceleration of database query processing can be done with the help of FPGAs.
In particular, they are partially reconfigurable at runtime, which allows for the runtime
adaption of the hardware to a variety of queries. .... This paper presents optimizations based
on query sequences, which reduces the impact of the reconfigurations."
> "We have implemented a ReProVide prototype, which is demonstrated at the 2020 EDBT conference
[5]. The host is running Apache Calcite [6] as a DBMS. It has been extended with optimization
rules to push down available operators to RPU based on cost.”
> Always good to hear about Calcite being used in research.
> Julian

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