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Message listThread · Author · Date [carbondata] branch branch-2.1 created (now 8fb45a2) Sun, 04 Oct, 12:34 [carbondata] 01/01: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-carbondata-2.1.0-rc1 Sun, 04 Oct, 12:34 [carbondata] annotated tag apache-carbondata-2.1.0-rc1 created (now 9d6c53d) Sun, 04 Oct, 12:34 [carbondata] branch branch-2.1 updated: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Sun, 04 Oct, 12:34 svn commit: r41695 - /dev/carbondata/KEYS Sun, 04 Oct, 13:58 svn commit: r41696 - in /dev/carbondata/2.1.0-rc1: ./ Sun, 04 Oct, 14:00 [carbondata] branch branch-2.1 deleted (was 19107c8) Sun, 04 Oct, 14:01 [carbondata] annotated tag apache-carbondata-2.1.0-rc1 deleted (was 9d6c53d) Sun, 04 Oct, 14:02 [carbondata] annotated tag apache-carbondata-2.1.0-rc1 created (now 14e7c21) Sun, 04 Oct, 14:15 [carbondata] 01/01: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-carbondata-2.1.0-rc1 Sun, 04 Oct, 14:15 [carbondata] branch branch-2.1 created (now 5c2642b) Sun, 04 Oct, 14:15 [carbondata] 01/01: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Sun, 04 Oct, 14:15 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4016] NPE and FileNotFound in Show Segments and Insert Stage Wed, 07 Oct, 05:01 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4018]Fix CSV header validation not contains dimension columns Wed, 07 Oct, 08:05 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4017]Fix the insert issue when the column name contains '\' and fix SI creation issue Wed, 07 Oct, 08:18 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4019]Fix CDC merge failure join expression made of AND/OR expressions. Thu, 08 Oct, 07:01 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3975]Fix wrong data from carbondata for binary column when read via hive Thu, 08 Oct, 09:19 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4015] Remove hard-coded parameters of the ICarbonLock.lockWithRetries method Fri, 09 Oct, 02:00 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4023] Create MV failed on table with geospatial index using carbonsession Mon, 12 Oct, 07:19 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4008] Fixed IN filter on date column is returning 0 results when 'carbon.push.rowfilters.for.vector' is true Mon, 12 Oct, 12:00 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4026] Fix Thread leakage while Loading Mon, 12 Oct, 12:04 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3988] Allow SI creation on first dimension column Mon, 12 Oct, 12:10 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4028] Fix failed to unlock issue during update Mon, 12 Oct, 12:32 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4030] Fix getPositionId udf issue in concurrent SI global sort Tue, 13 Oct, 03:48 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4010] Doc changes for long strings. Tue, 13 Oct, 05:47 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3932] [CARBONDATA-3903] change discovery.uri in presto guide and dml document update Tue, 13 Oct, 06:14 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3964] Added test case for select query without filter Wed, 14 Oct, 05:59 [carbondata] branch master updated: [HOTFIX] Fix 2 random failures in CI Mon, 19 Oct, 07:08 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3965] Fixed float variable target datatype in case of adaptive encoding Mon, 19 Oct, 07:11 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3901][CARBONDATA-3903][CARBONDATA-3824] SI creation on unkbown table and doc changes. Tue, 20 Oct, 04:49 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4004] [CARBONDATA-4012] Issue with select after update command Tue, 20 Oct, 09:58 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4036]Fix special char(`) issue in create table, when column name contains ` character Wed, 21 Oct, 04:56 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3889] Enable scalastyle check for all scala test code Wed, 21 Oct, 12:26 [carbondata] branch master updated: [HOTFIX] Fix random failure issue due to indexMerge Thu, 22 Oct, 11:46 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3994] Skip Order by for map task if it is sort column and use limit pushdown for array_contains filter Fri, 23 Oct, 05:28 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4032] Fix drop partition command clean data issue Fri, 23 Oct, 07:33 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4035]Fix MV query issue with aggregation on decimal column Fri, 23 Oct, 09:04 [carbondata] branch master updated: [Carbondata-3954] Fix insertion from ORC table into carbon table when sort scope is global sort Fri, 23 Oct, 09:13 [carbondata] branch master updated: [Carbondata-3999] Fix permission issue of indexServerTmp directory Fri, 23 Oct, 09:25 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4039] Support Local dictionary for Presto complex datatypes Fri, 23 Oct, 13:17 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3979] Added Hive local dictionary support example Fri, 23 Oct, 14:43 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4027] Fix the wrong modifiedtime of loading files in insert stage Mon, 26 Oct, 14:53 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3934] Support write transactional table with presto. Tue, 27 Oct, 05:53 [carbondata] branch master updated: [DOC] Adjust partition table document Tue, 27 Oct, 06:02 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4007] Fix multiple issues in SDK_IUD Tue, 27 Oct, 09:55 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4042]Launch same number of task as select query for insert into select and ctas cases when target table is of no_sort Thu, 29 Oct, 11:22 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4034] Improve the time-consuming of Horizontal Compaction for update Thu, 29 Oct, 12:57
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