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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cassandra Wiki] Update of "Setup" by EricEvans
Date Wed, 06 May 2009 16:05:51 GMT
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The following page has been changed by EricEvans:

The comment on the change is:
imported from confluence wiki

New page:
There is a standard config that comes with the download of Cassandra. Here is a description
of some of the basic information that needs to be in the configuration file:

||!ClusterName||The name of this cluster. This is mainly used to prevent machines in another
logical cluster from joining any other cluster.||Test||
||!HashingStrategy||Partitioning strategy required. Choices are RANDOM and OPHF||RANDOM||
||!RackAware||Replication policy preferred. For now just say false||false||
||!MulticastChannel||This is not used anymore.||||
||!ReplicationFactor||Replication factor desired||3||
||!ZookeeperAddress||This is not used currently.||||
||!RpcTimeoutInMillis||RPC timeout in milliseconds||2000||
||!StoragePort||TCP port on which all inter cluster communication takes place.||7000||
||!ControlPort||UDP port on which all cluster membership communications occur.||7001||
||ColumnIndexSizeInKB||Size after which columns are indexed by the system||256KB||
||!HttpPort||HTTP port for the WEB dashboard.||80||
||!MetadataDirectory||Cassandra metadata information location.||||
||!CommitLogDirectory||Location of the commit log.||||
||!CommitLogRotationThresholdInMB||Size after which commit log needs to be rotated.||128||
||!Seeds||This is for dynamic node discovery. Nodes discover other nodes by initially contacting
the seeds.||||

After the installation step navigate to the directory that contains the ANT build config and
type "ant jar" at the prompt. Some common problems in the deployment steps are:

 * Modify the start-server script to the -Dstorage-config property to the location which contains
the storage-conf.xml
 * Make sure the also resides in the same location as above.
 * Make sure the directory location for the log4j log files are pre-created or you could make
them part of the start-server script.
 * Modify the Java heap settings in the start-server as per your requirements.

Typical Cassandra deployment has been on machines with 16GB RAM dual CPU quad core machines
and more disks the better. We have typically used 3 disks per machine.

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