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Subject svn commit: r412686 - in /incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes: RELEASE-NOTES-1.2RC2.txt UPGRADE-1.2RC2.txt
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 07:30:54 GMT
Author: aadamchik
Date: Thu Jun  8 00:30:54 2006
New Revision: 412686

RC2 release and upgrade notes files with added instructions on how to clean modeler preferences

  (with props)
(with props)

Added: incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes/RELEASE-NOTES-1.2RC2.txt
--- incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes/RELEASE-NOTES-1.2RC2.txt
+++ incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes/RELEASE-NOTES-1.2RC2.txt
Thu Jun  8 00:30:54 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+Cayenne Release Notes 1.2 RC2 (release candidate)
+For the latest information visit project web site: 
+To browse individual bug reports check out project issue tracker:
+Bug Fixes:

Propchange: incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes/RELEASE-NOTES-1.2RC2.txt
    svn:eol-style = native

Added: incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes/UPGRADE-1.2RC2.txt
--- incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes/UPGRADE-1.2RC2.txt (added)
+++ incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes/UPGRADE-1.2RC2.txt Thu
Jun  8 00:30:54 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,94 @@
+Cayenne Upgrade Information 1.2 RC2 (release candidate)
+*  WARNING: API deprecated in 1.1 is removed from 1.2.
+*  For the complete list of new features since the last stable release see User Guide page
+   "[cayenne_install_dir]/doc/Documentation/User Guide/Introduction/Guide to 1.2 Features/index.html".
+*  Upgrading Cayenne projects. Expect CayenneModeler to be backwards compatible and be able
to read 
+   older project files. However once you save old projects with new Modeler, 
+   the latest format will be used, possibly making saved project incompatible 
+   with older versions of the Modeler and runtime.
+*  Clean Recompile: Cayenne 1.2 introduces a few API changes. Most of them are done 
+   to the backend and should not affect the applications written with the earlier versions.

+   However it is a good idea to perform a clean compilation of all Java code that relies
+   Cayenne. Updating calls to deprecated methods is also a very good idea.
+*  (Optional) Delete CayenneModeler preferences. This is not strictly required, but recommended

+   (especially if you used intermediate 1.2 milestones and Betas). To do that delete 
+   "$HOME/.cayenne/modeler.preferences" file and "$HOME/.cayenne/prefs" directory. 
+   $HOME is a user home directory which is OS and machine specific.
+*  Pay attention to CayenneModeler validation warnings. 
+*  Cayenne tools and runtime now REQUIRE at least JDK 1.4 (or higher). They won't work on
JDK 1.3. 
+   If you are still on 1.3, upgrade your JDK if you can. If you can not, consider staying
+   Cayenne 1.1. 
+*  1.2 no longer needs Jakarta BeanUtils.
+*  1.2 no longer relies on ClassLoader provided by Configuration (this API is deprecated
+   a matter of fact). Current code uses Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().
+*  In 1.2 PostgreSQLAdapter uses DB sequences for primary key generation instead of 
+    AUTO_PK_TABLE. To port an existing application, you will need to create those 
+    sequences (e.g. using the Modeler) and assign correct current values to them 
+    (e.g. taken from the old AUTO_PK_TABLE). After that AUTO_PK_TABLE can be dropped.
+*  In 1.2 PostgreSQLAdapter's default "BLOB" mapping is changed from "bytea" to "oid". It
+   is still possible to use bytea, but watch for the Modeler-generated schema scripts -
+   they will contain "oid". The easiest way to migrate your mapping (if you don't want to
+   change the DB) is to remap all bytea columns as LONGVARBINARY DbAttributes instead of
+*  For extra portability encoding of entity type in the ObjectId is now based on ObjEntity
+   not Java class as before. If you had ObjEntities with matching names but different class
+   in different DataMaps, you will need to ensure entity name uniqueness. See CAY-521 for
+*  ObjectId methods "getObjClass" and "getObjectClass" are removed (it wasn't possible to
+   them and still preserve meaningful functionality). Constructors that take Class as the
first argument
+   are deprecated and will only work if entity naming follows CayenneModeler default conventions
+   using unqualified class name as the entity name.
+*  TempObjectId is deprecated and is no longer used by Cayenne internally. If you were 
+   referencing TempObjectId explicitly in your code (e.g. if(id instanceof TempObjectId)
... ), 
+   you will need to modify the code and use "isTemporary()" superclass method.
+*  The meaning of SnapshotEvent "source" and "postedBy" attributes is reversed per CAY-395
+   better efficiency. If you implemented custom listeners of SnapshotEvents, you may need
+   doublecheck their logic. From now on events use DataRowStore as source, and EventBridge
+   ObjectStore as postedBy, depending on whether this was a local or a remote event. I.e.
+   new structure is the opposite to what we used in 1.1.
+* Cayenne stack events are no longer sent via a shared "default" EventManager.
+  If you were using EventManager.getDefaultManager() to communicate or receive Cayenne stack

+  events, you'll have to switch to Configuration.getEventManager(). Otherwise default manager
+  can be accessed as before.
+* Query.setLoggingLevel/getLoggingLevel methods are removed from the interface and AbstractQuery
+  implementor. As multi-tier Cayenne doesn't use Log4J, it was no longer possible to keep
these methods 
+  deprecated.
+* Thread-bound Transactions:
+  QueryEngine.performQueries(Collection,OperationObserver resultConsumer,Transaction) is
deprecated and 
+  no longer used internally to further decouple layers in the access stack. This DOES NOT
AFFECT most 
+  users. Only if you (a) implemented custom transactions and (b) manually manage their commit/rollback,

+  you will also have to bind and unbind such Transactions to the current thread manually,
for Cayenne stack 
+  classes to pick them up.
+* To force refresh of cached query results, one of the two new cache policies should be used

+  instead of "setRefreshingObjects(..)" ("setRefreshingObjects" should only be used for its
+  original purpose - refreshing individual objects, not list contents). 
+* ObjectStore no longer stores database snapshots of object. As a result a method "retainSnapshot(DataObject
+  is removed, as its meaningful deprecation is not possible.

Propchange: incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne/cayenne-other/release-notes/UPGRADE-1.2RC2.txt
    svn:eol-style = native

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