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Subject svn commit: r454020 - /incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/assembly/cayenne-generic/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 21:08:07 GMT
Author: aadamchik
Date: Sat Oct  7 14:08:06 2006
New Revision: 454020

closed all resolved 3.0  issues, logging them in release notes


Modified: incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/assembly/cayenne-generic/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/assembly/cayenne-generic/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
+++ incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/assembly/cayenne-generic/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Sat Oct  7 14:08:06 2006
@@ -21,21 +21,28 @@
 CAY-598 JPA patches
 CAY-600 Add support for ordering property list serialization in a consistent way
 CAY-623 Removing broken FireBird adapter
+CAY-625	Implement correct "scale" and "precision" for DbAttribute
+CAY-632	RefreshQuery - a common mechanism for object and object list invalidation
+CAY-645	Support for persisting java.util.Calendar
+CAY-647	Support for persisting java.math.BigInteger
CAY-648	Support for persisting
Support for char[], java.lang.Character, java.lang.Character[], java.lang.Byte[] as "simple"
persistence types
CAY-657	Removing/Deprecating ExtendedType.validateProperty()
CAY-660	JPA-like
callbacks support in the main Cayenne stack
CAY-666	Support for entity lifecycle callbacks
in ClientServerChannel
CAY-667	Support default entity lifecycle callbacks
CAY-669	Support
superclass entity callbacks
 CAY-673 Removed DVModeler from the release. For backwards compatibility DVModeler from 2.0.x
release can be used.
+CAY-674	ROP client side validation
 Bug Fixes since 1.2 final:
 CAY-601 Problem resolving relationships in nested DataContext
 CAY-603 QueryChain.isFetchingDataRows() incorrectly returns "false" - must be "true" all
the time
 CAY-607	Long query name or qualifier expand query text field off screen
+CAY-618	Support optional remote events in the ClientChannel
 CAY-639	JDBC datatype of MySQL INT UNSIGNED is mapped as java.lang.Integer should be java.lang.Long
 CAY-617	ROP: shared session functionality over XMPP is broken
 CAY-614	ToManyList contains references to transient objects
 CAY-609	Modeler prevents intermediate prefetch creation
 CAY-608	Prefetch validation incorrectly reports error on multi-step prefetches
+CAY-646	Class generator - incorrect java types for classes like java.lang.whatever.XYZ
 CAY-652 Exception with Tomcat's session restore capability
-CAY-653 overriding setPersistentState() in unreliable in three tier environment with CayenneContext
+CAY-653 overriding setPersistentState() in unreliable in three tier environment with CayenneContext
localObject and new objects
CAY-664	Simplify EntityResolver serialization
CAY-671	custom exception
class for ROP missing session
 API Changes

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