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This page summarizes the new features introduced in 3.0 release. Since 3.0 is under active development, this list will change pretty often.

JPA Provider

work in progress

In 3.0 Cayenne will implement a Java Persistence API specification compliant persistence provider, with support for POJO and JPA annotations. Provider can be used in a standalone mode, as well as a part of a J2EE container.

(Status as of 06/11/2007)

  • Provider, EntityManagerFactory, EntityManager API bridge to the current Cayenne stack
  • Loading mapping from annotations
  • Loading mapping from XML
  • Class enhancement
  • Basic selecting EJBQL
  • Entity callbacks


Entity Lifecycle Callbacks

EJB QL Queries

Nevermind the "EJB" in the name. EJBQL queries are a powerful object query mechanism. It is defined in the JPA specification, but Cayenne now supports these queries in the "classic" non-JPA mode as well. Follow the link below to read more:

Cache Management

  • pluggable query cache
  • a notion of Query cache groups
  • automated cache key management for standard queries
  • RefreshQuery

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