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Summer of Code 2008

Project: cayenne-modeler-improvements

The goal of the project is to improve usability of Cayenne main modeling GUI tool, CayenneModeler. CayenneModeler is a cross-platform Swing application. The task is made of a number of subtasks described below. It is not required for the student to complete all these tasks. For the project to be considered a success, a student must complete at least a couple of major tasks though (such as copy/paste, right-click contextual menus, multiple selections, etc.).


  • Support for copy/paste of entities/attributes/relationships
  • Improved ObjRelationship mapping dialog
  • Undo functionality.
  • Colored syntax for SQLTemplate (e.g. via jEdit Syntax Package per CAY-892)
  • Welcome Screen (CAY-894)
  • Change default object relationship delete rule (CAY-436)
  • A log console window (CAY-366)

Finished Tasks:

  • Right-click contextual menu for entities/attributes/relationships that would include common operations, like "delete". (CAY-1055)
  • JComboBox autocompletion (CAY-911)
  • Detection of the project file changes on disk (CAY-1056).
  • ObjectSelectQuery improvements (CAY-888)
  • Allow multiple item selections on the left-hand project tree and right-hand attribute panels. Common operations (like "delete") should work on multiple objects(CAY-1060).

Abandoned Tasks:

  • Support for on-the-spot validation (some examples of users requesting this are CAY-907 and CAY-888)
    • CAY-907 has been resolved as "Won't fix"
    • CAY-888 has been completed

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