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Subject [CONF] Apache Cayenne > Cayenne FAQ
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2011 17:22:01 GMT
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    <h2><a href="">Cayenne
    <h4>Page <b>edited</b> by             <a href="">Walter
B. Rasmann</a>
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            <tr><td class="diff-snipped" >...<br></td></tr>
            <tr><td class="diff-unchanged" >## [MySQL Driver Throws com.mysql.jdbc.PacketTooBigException
when saving large objects|MySQL FAQ]? <br>## [HSQLDB has no data in the database after
application exits|HSQLDB Shutdown] <br></td></tr>
            <tr><td class="diff-added-lines" style="background-color: #dfd;">##
[Why do I get &#39;has no joins&#39; warnings after running &#39;Reengineer Database
Schema&#39;|MySQL &#39;has no joins&#39;]? <br></td></tr>
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        <p>Some frequently asked questions are answered on this page.</p>

	<li>Cayenne General FAQ
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Getting+Help" title="Getting Help">How
do I get help with Cayenne</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Cayenne+History" title="Cayenne History">Cayenne
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAYSITE/Submit+Patch" title="Submit Patch">How
do I submit a patch</a>?</li>
	<li>Cayenne Features FAQ
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Web+Application+Environments" title="Web Application
Environments">Does Cayenne Work with JSP or Struts or Tapestry or ...</a></li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/ORM+Comparison" title="ORM Comparison">How
Does Cayenne Compare With WebObject's EOF, Hibernate, other ORM</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Are+Nested+Data+Contexts+Supported" title="Are
Nested Data Contexts Supported">Are Nested Data Contexts Supported</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Is+Inheritance+Supported" title="Is Inheritance
Supported">Is Inheritance Supported</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Optimistic+Locking+Explained" title="Optimistic
Locking Explained">What is Optimistic Locking</a>?</li>
	<li>Cayenne Modeler FAQ
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Modeler+Preferences+Location" title="Modeler
Preferences Location">Where can I find the Preferences File</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/DbAttribute+Type" title="DbAttribute Type">How
can I map DbAttribute to a database-specific data type</a>?</li>
	<li>Cayenne Usage FAQ
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Fetch+By+Primary+Key" title="Fetch By Primary
Key">How do I Fetch an Object By its Primary Key</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Mapping+Primary+Keys" title="Mapping Primary
Keys">How do I make Cayenne generate getters and setters for my primary key</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Configuration+File+Locations" title="Configuration
File Locations">Where do I put 'cayenne.xml'</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Setting+Initial+Values" title="Setting Initial
Values">How do I initialize an object with default values</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Delete+Object+In+To-Many+Relationship" title="Delete
Object In To-Many Relationship">How do I delete an object from all to-many relationship
lists that include it</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Tapestry+DataSqueezer" title="Tapestry DataSqueezer">How
do I implement a Tapestry Squeezer for a DataObject</a></li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Mapping+Aggregate+Queries" title="Mapping
Aggregate Queries">How do I map aggregate queries</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Setting+Database+Connection" title="Setting
Database Connection">How do I set DB connection information via API</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Connection+Pools" title="Connection Pools">Are
Unused Database Connections Closed</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Not+In+To+Many+FAQ" title="Not In To Many
FAQ">How do I select objects that do not have a certain other object in its to-many relationship</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAYDOC/Maven2+Plugins" title="Maven2 Plugins">How
do I use Cayenne with Maven2</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Expression+Chaining" title="Expression Chaining">Why
is my chained Expression not working</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Log4J+FAQ" title="Log4J FAQ">I am having
problems with logging output. How do I trace them down</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/Reconnect" title="Reconnect">When my application
is idle for a long period of time, I get 'connection was lost' or similar errors</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/MySQL+FAQ" title="MySQL FAQ">MySQL Driver
Throws com.mysql.jdbc.PacketTooBigException when saving large objects</a>?</li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAY/HSQLDB+Shutdown" title="HSQLDB Shutdown">HSQLDB
has no data in the database after application exits</a></li>
		<li><a href="/confluence/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=CAY&amp;title=MySQL+%27has+no+joins%27&amp;linkCreation=true&amp;fromPageId=9823"
class="createlink">Why do I get 'has no joins' warnings after running 'Reengineer Database

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