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Subject svn commit: r1632455 - in /cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/dev: building-cayenne.mdtext running-unit-tests.mdtext
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2014 00:32:25 GMT
Author: aadamchik
Date: Fri Oct 17 00:32:25 2014
New Revision: 1632455

clarifying Maven settings for the build


Modified: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/dev/building-cayenne.mdtext
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/dev/building-cayenne.mdtext (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/dev/building-cayenne.mdtext Fri Oct 17 00:32:25 2014
@@ -6,6 +6,14 @@ Title: Building Cayenne
 * Make sure [Maven]( is installed.
 * [Get the source code](/dev/code-repository.html).
+### Recommended Maven Settings
+Here are the MAVEN_OPTS that should be used for the build. MAVEN_OPTS variable can either
be exported in a shell, 
+or placed in *$HOME/.mavenrc*. Optimal values vary from platform to platform and between
Cayenne versions, 
+but these should probably work for everyone:
+    MAVEN_OPTS=" -Xms512m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m"
 ### Building with Maven
 Depending on what you want to do, there are various flavors of the builds

Modified: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/dev/running-unit-tests.mdtext
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/dev/running-unit-tests.mdtext (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/dev/running-unit-tests.mdtext Fri Oct 17 00:32:25 2014
@@ -1,31 +1,28 @@
 Title: Running Unit Tests
+## Running Unit Tests
 Cayenne provides a comprehensive suite of unit tests. To execute unit tests
 you must first get Cayenne from SVN, install JDK 1.5 and obtain the latest
-<a name="RunningUnitTests-Prerequisites"></a>
-## Prerequisites
-On some systems (e.g. Ubuntu 8.x) the following line needs to be placed in
-*"~/.mavenrc"* or otherwise there will be test failures in the unit tests
-relying on JGroups. This is a workaround of a known JVM bug:
+### Prerequisites
-    MAVEN_OPTS=""
+Maven [build prerequisites and recommended settings](/dev/building-cayenne.html) apply here.
-## Running Against Embedded HSQLDB
+### Running Against Embedded HSQLDB
 No extra setup is required. Just run Maven:
     $ cd cayenne
-    $ mvn install{noformat}
+    $ mvn install
     $ cd cayenne
     $ mvn clean test
-## Running Against a Specific Database
+### Running Against a Specific Database
 #### Step 1. Install JDBC Driver Jars in a Local Maven Repo
@@ -114,14 +111,5 @@ the example above). Note that in this ca
     $ mvn test -DcayenneTestConnection=derby
-> **Note.** _If you are testing Cayenne 3.0, use -Dcayenne.test.connection instead
-of -DcayenneTestConnection. Also it is only possible to pass the DB
-properties via "" file, and not possible to pass them
-on command line_
-<a name="RunningUnitTests-Lookattestresults"></a>
-## Look at test results
-To look for failed tests, grep the output files.

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